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1 channel Prepolarized Microphone Power Supply 200 V --Type PM2000

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Part Number:RStech PM2000
1 channel Prepolarized Microphone Power Supply 200 V --Type PM2000--Type PM2000

1. Uses and Features

The PM2000 is a single channel power supply for preamplifiers used with externally polarized microphones. It is for general use in acoustic measurements and vibration measurements, both in the laboratory and in the productions.

It can supply the preamplifier with power as well as 0, 28 and 200V polarization. It has a wide operating frequency range from about 1Hz to 50kHz. It can provide a high signal/noise ration and the special low distortion for the input analogue signal.

Preamplifier Input channels: Traditional7-pin LEMO and BNC coaxial input connector for microphone preamplifier (BNC is directly connecting to output BNC without Polarization power) 

Output channels: BNC coaxial socket for theoutput signal via the power supply.

Gain switches: Adjust the gain individually to suit for requirements and give the overload indication. Selectable gain are 0,20 and 40 dB   

LEDs indication: a series of LEDs will indicate the different condition, yellow for power OK, green for signal optimum and red for signal overloading

2. Specifications
Selectable gain:                             0, 20 and 40dB±0.2dB
Input Impedance:                          over than 100kO
Output Impedance:                        less than 30O
Microphone preamplifier input:       0, 28 or 200v polarization voltage
Frequency response:                     1Hz – 50KHz
Noise:                                             Less than -100dBV
Power supply:                                220V AC
LED indicators:             
           Power OK:                               yellow
           Signal optimum:                      green
           Overload:                                red
Dimensions:                                   165mm*120mm*45mm
Weight:                                          600g

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