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About Us offers the best online serviced solutions in noise and vibration registration instruments and calculation software available. We try to make noise registration instruments and noise calculation software more affordable and available to everybody.
Our online platform offers a comprehensive range of high-quality sound and vibration registration instrumentation and calculation software.
The vision of is to create a worldwide platform for sound and vibration issues and provide service solutions to address such issues. The mission is to become a reliable retailer of quality brands and to be successful through a unique service package. Our services stand for quality, expertise, and accessibility. is supported by Geonoise Asia Co., Ltd, an engineering company specialized in noise control and environmental engineering so we are here to advise you professionally with lot's of experience when needed.
Geonoise Asia Co., Ltd has over 30 years of experience with sound and vibration measurements, calculations and consulting in the fields of noise control and vibration control.
Some of the specialized fields for noise control are:
• industrial noise control (plants, factories, machinery)
• building acoustics (houses, hotels, disco's, offices)
• traffic noise control (rail traffic, road traffic, air traffic, subway, ships)
• recreational noise control (pop concert, exhibition center, outdoor events)
• reverberation control (cinema, auditoria, church, meeting rooms)
• construction noise control (building sites for houses, roads, industrial plants etc.)
We have very experienced engineers (members of INCE USA, ASA, IIAV, AAS, ABAV, NAG, ASI, MAS, SAS) in our offices in SE Asia. We are using the latest noise control software to make precision calculations.
Our engineers all have worked 'in the field' so they know what they are talking about and this makes them all very pragmatic consultants.
All our products are selected on quality, accuracy and extended features, we are using them all so we know the reliability and how to support you.
Our service involves more than just offering our customers high-quality products. Geonoise provides serviced solutions aimed at satisfying the customer’s needs. This includes our Acoustical Engineers giving you advice before purchasing a product and offering help afterwards so that the customer effectively uses their hardware or software.
Our employees are daily attainable to kindly answer your general or product-specific questions through the phone or by e-mail. 
Due to the fact that many types of equipment offered on our website have dedicated distributors in some countries, we cannot list prices for some products. Please send your inquiry to us and we will give you a quotation or forward your email to the representative in your country. Please contact us!
If you have any noise insulation or noise consulting issues, you can contact via our website: Satisfied customers is our motto!

If you prefer to get a quotation from one of our engineers, we have offices in Rotterdam The Netherlands, Bangkok Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Ho Chin Minh Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangalore India, Yangon Myanmar.

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