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Nor848 Hextile acoustic camera
Nor848 Hextile acoustic camera

Acoustic Camera Nor848B, Hextile, sound source locating

Part Number:Nor848

Acoustic beamforming arrays, commonly known as acoustic cameras, enable the user to visualize different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths. The resolution and ability to resolve sound sources spaced closely apart, and at lower frequencies, is mainly decided by overall size and number of microphones of the equipment being used. Although image manipulation and deconvolution techniques on the beamformed results might give added resolution, in practice the properties of the array still influence the results. This size versus resolution criteria is the crux of the acoustic camera market. Users want something that is small, lightweight, and portable, while at the same time having excellent resolution, and the ability to go low in frequency. This has been an impossible demand for a single system – until now.

The Norsonic Hextile is a module-based approach to the acoustic camera that gives the user both portability and great resolution for a wide range of measurement situations. The array dish is based on a hexagon shape, given it both its name and the ability to combine several tiles into larger systems.

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