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Blast Block noise insulation (high performance)
Blast Block noise insulation (high performance)

Acoustically optimized MLV, STC 32 dB, BlastBlock, only 3 mm thickness, 5 kg/m2

Retail Price:U$98.00
Part Number:BB830

BlastBlock, high-performance noise insulation for new and existing situations.

BlastBlock is an Acoustically optimized mass loaded vinyl for sound blocking, designed for soundproofing, very strong and flexible, easy to install.

Sound barrier
Meeting room
Wall panel
Home theatre


Product BlastBlock
Material Acoustically optimized Mass loaded vinyl, Aluminium
Colour Black
Size 1000 mm x 5000 mm
Thickness 1 mm / 3 mm
Weight 3.5 kg / 4.9 kg /m2
Transmission Loss (dB) 19 dB / 32 dB
Heat tolerance (°C) 93 °C
UV resistant Yes

Physical Properties:
Weight 4.9 kg per square meter
Tensile strength min. 510 PSI
Colour black (high UV resistance)
Composition: Proprietary Acoustically optimized mass loaded vinyl-based compound
Flammability MVSS 302 - Passes; SAE J 369 passes 2.6” per minute

Acoustic performance for BlastBlock

125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
1 mm 5 9 15 21 26 34 19
3 mm 16 253436344532
ASTM E90 Sound Transmission Loss dB

Other benefits:
• 100% Recyclable
• Highest Mold Resistance Rating
• High Acoustical Performance Ratings

Good heat and fire resistance elasticity and tensile strength.
No manufacturing emissions, no waste pollution, environmental protection and can be recycled several times.

BlastBlock is a non-toxic flexible acoustic material that is easy to install and can be easily cut on-site with a regular utility knife.


Acoustical Sound Sealant

Acoustical Tape

Download BB830 acoustic optimized MLV Datasheet

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