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Artificial Ear — Type AE2000

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Artificial Ear — Type AE2000 

1. Introduction

The Artificial Ear Type AE2000 is a complete test jig for acoustical measurement on earphones coupled to the ear by inserts such as tubes and ear moulds.


Artificial Ears Type AE2000 consist of an acoustic coupler, RST condenser microphone and preamplifier and a base plate, which all parts are made of stainless steel and no any magnetic material.

2. Features

•Conformed to IEC and ANSI standards

•Complete reproducibility and steadily of results

•Well-defined measuring conditions

3. Components

The Artificial Ear Type AE2000 comprises the following main components:

•Type SC0002         IEC 60711 Ear Simulator

•Type RSTP 4000-S    1/2 inch Pressure Microphone Preamplifier, Wide Frequency

 •Type SC0006         Base Plate

4. Artificial Ear Type AE2000

Artificial Ear Type AE2000 fulfils the requirements of IEC 60711 and is defined for simulating the acoustical load of the human ear under no leakage conditions. The coupler fits 1/2 inch Microphone and 1/2 inch Microphone Preamplifier mounted in the hous­ing. The coupler also mounts directly on the preamplifiers by the Adaptor Ring supplied.

5. Additional Equipment

The following additional equipment is required for making the necessary measurements:

 • Power supply for the 1/2 inch Preamplifier(e.g. the RStech type PM2000-S, Fig.4)

 • Calibration source for the microphone (e.g. B&K 4231)

 • Audio analysis system, which can generate testing signal and analyze the recording signal from the DUT (TrustSystem, Fig. 3)

6. Specifications

Atmospheric reference conditions:

      Static pressure                   101.3±3.0 Pa

      Temperature            23±3?

Humidity                    60±20%


    Height *Diameter*weight: 97mm*100mm*1.5Kg

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