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Audio Power Amplifier and speaker test interface — Type PA3000

Audio Power Amplifier and speaker test interface — Type PA3000

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Audio Power Amplifier and speaker test interface — Type PA3000

PA3000 is an audio power amplifier designed for sound and vibration applications. It has two identical input/output channels. Each channel integrates power amplifier with two sets of reference resistors for speaker/receiver impedance measurement. This makes loudspeaker measurement simpler and more convenient. PA3000 features both balanced input and high power/quality/reliability/stability output signal.

The built-in overload protect circuit can automatically protect it against overload, short circuit and overheat. Signal will be cut off while overload, short circuit and overheat and recovered automatically

1) Driver for loudspeaker, receiver, artificial mouth, etc.
2) Impedance curve test.
3) Power amplifier for audio and vibration analyzer. 
4) General-purpose audio power amplifier.

1) Two channels input and output.
2) Selectable gain for each channel.
3) Selectable reference resistances for each channel.
4) Thermal overload protection circuitry.
5) Power supply 220V &110V.

Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 20Hz-30 kHz)   ±0.5dB
Phase Response (at 1 watt, 20Hz- 30 kHz)         +15°to -20°
Reference resistor                                                0.25ohm, 1ohm
Signal to Noise Ratio (at 1 watt, 20Hz-30 kHz)    90dB A weighted
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 1 watt            less than 0.1%
Channel Separation at Rated power                    78dB
Gain Control                                                         from 0dB to 25dB
Input Attenuator (0dB-25dB)                               5dB±0.5dB steps
Max output power                                                30W
Max output voltage                                              11V
Input Impedance                                                 18kohm
Output Impedance                                               0.5ohm
Idle Current                                                         0.03A
Power supply                                                       AC220v/110v
Dimension                                                            310*147*51mm
Weight                                                                 2.5Kg

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