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Audiometric Booth, Audiology booth Asia

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Audiometric Booth, Audiology booth Asia

IAC Acoustics Thailand is specialist and center for Asia for Audiometric Booths also called Audiology booth.

We have a full range mini audiometric booth as well as full sized audiometric booths.

IAC has many types of audiometric booths, well respected by their sheer quality and competitive pricing.

For more info about each of the units please click the links on the right.

Mini audiometric booth IAC 250

Size (internal): 604 x 860 x 1680 mm.

Maxi audiometric booth IAC 350

Size (internal): 894 x 948 x 2000 mm.

  • Booths and Rooms are designed for non-clinical use such as psycho and bio-acoustic research
  • Compact, “mini” acoustic booths
  • 85 standard Booth and Room designs available offering different sizes and configurations
  • Single and Double Wall Booths, offering varying levels of sound attenuation
  • Made to order Design Booths and Rooms
  • Special Jack Panels
  • Silent ventilation
  • Custom paint finishes

Audiometric Screening Booths

  • The New IAC 252 Series Mini Sound Shelter: IAC’s best selling booth for hearing screening
  • The IAC Model 40A-1 compact, single-wall standard booth
  • The IAC 120A-1: A popular, standard double-wall booth with structurally isolated inner room, offering a “high” level of attenuation
  • Complete design, and advice, service

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