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Castle Exilis GA2008 Vibration meter

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Part Number:CAS.EX.GA2008
Simple to use Vibration Meter for measuring acceleration, velocity and displacement. 

Ideal for checking fixed monitoring systems, condition maintenance prediction and other engineering operations.

The Exilis GA2008 is a robust vibration meter capable of monitoring many types of vibration with excellent accuracy. 

The small design of the Exilis means it is easily portable which allows it to be able to take vibration readings in any area with a vibration problem and store it in it's data logging system.

Exilis GA2008 Applications 

The uses for this instrument are far-reaching and widespread. One prime example would be a maintenance operator verifying results from a fixed monitoring system or taking measurements for maintenance prediction. Another example is a construction engineer checking that the vibration from a piling operation is not exceeding any environmental thresholds.


  • Small and Light weight
  • Simple to Use
  • Highly Robust
  • Tactile Keypad
  • 8 Character LCD Display
  • Simple Data-logging of 9 Data-points
  • Comes complete with Accelerometer, Cable, Spike Probe and Case
  • Multiple Filters - Mechanical and Linear
  • Multiple Integration Modes - Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
  • Multiple Measurements - RMS, Max RMS and Peak

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