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CENTER-382 Portable Halide Leak Detector Halogen Leak Detector
CENTER-382 Portable Halide Leak Detector Halogen Leak Detector

Center 382 Regrigerant Leak Detector

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Part Number:Center 382 Regrigerant Leak Detector
CENTER 382 is a perfect tool for air-conditioning system maintaining. 

The operation interface is intuitive with button, light bar, and sound. The air sucking system greatly helps the sensitivity and response time. The auto-reset function can help the operator to distinguish the leaking spot among the already spreading refrigerant while maintaining high sensitivity.

1.Air sucking system
2.Microprocessor control with advanced digital signal processing
3.Multicolor visual display
4.High-Low leak sensitivity selector
5.Low battery indication
6.Semiconductor gas sensor
7.Detection of R-134a, R-410A, R-407C, R22, etc
8.15 (39cm) flexible stainless probe
9. Reference Leak source included
10.Ambient concentration reset

1.Detectable Gases: R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-22, etc
2.Sensitivity: 3g/year
3.Alarm Method: Buzzer alarm, LED bar Indicator
4.Detection Tube Length: 15 inches (390mm)
5.Warm-Up Time: 45 sec
6.Battery: 1.5V AA x 4(the batteries not included package)
7.Dimensions: 173 x 66 x 56mm
8.Weight: 400g

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