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Microphone Power Supply--Type PM2000

Microphone Power Supply--Type PM2000

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Microphone Power Supply--Type PM2000

1. Uses and Features
◆ The PM2000 is a single channel power supply for preamplifiers used with externally polarized microphones. It is for general use in acoustic measurements and vibration measurements, both in the laboratory and in the productions.
◆ It can supply the preamplifier with power as well as 0, 28 and 200V polarization. It has a wide operating frequency range from about 1Hz to 50kHz. It can provide a high signal/noise ration and the special low distortion for the input analogue signal.
◆ Preamplifier Input channels: Traditional7-pin LEMO and BNC coaxial input connector for microphone preamplifier (BNC isdirectly connecting to output BNC without Polarization power) 
◆ Output channels: BNC coaxial socket for theoutput signal via the power supply.
◆ Gain switches: Adjust the gain individuallyto suit for requirements and give the overload indication. Selectable gain are 0,20 and 40 dB   
◆ LEDs indication: a series LEDs will indicatethe different condition, yellow for power OK, green for signal optimum and red for signal overloading

2. Specifications
◆ Selectable gain:                             0, 20 and 40dB±0.2dB
◆ Input Impedance:                          over than 100kΩ
◆ Output Impedance:                        less than 30Ω
◆ Microphone preamplifier input:       0, 28 or 200v polarization voltage
◆ Frequency response:                     1Hz – 50KHz
◆ Noise:                                             Less than -100dBV
◆ Power supply:                                220V AC
◆ LED indicators:             
           Power OK:                               yellow
           Signal optimum:                      green
           Overload:                                red
◆ Dimensions:                                   165mm*120mm*45mm
◆ Weight:                                          600g

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