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Mouth Simulator Type AM3000, artificial mouth
Mouth Simulator Type AM3000, artificial mouth

Mouth Simulator Type AM3000, artificial mouth

Part Number:RStech AM3000
Mouth Simulator Type AM3000, artificial mouth

Features and Usage:

Measuring the frequency response and distortion of telephone transmitters and communication microphones
Minimum-continuous SPL of 110dB re.20upa at MRP position
The sound source for acoustic measurements
Human voice accurate simulation
 Low distortion
Wide frequency response
A built-in overload protection circuit
Complies with Standards: IEEE 269,661 and ITU-T Rec. P.51

Mouth simulator Type AM3000 is a device that approximates the acoustic field generated by the human mouth in the near field. It is used for measuring the telephone transmitters and communication microphones and conforms to the Standards IEEE269 and ITU-T Rec.P51. AM3000 contains high quality of loudspeaker, which mounted in a special enclosure and having a directivity and radiation pattern similar to those of the average human mouth. So AM3000 has a high performance of simulating a stable, wide frequency response and low distortion sound source used for the testing of acoustic transducers.

In practice, the mouth simulator will be calibrated at the MRP position using a special calibration jig AD200, which is designed to hold a 1/2 inch standard microphone at a distance of 25 mm from the lip ring.
The AM3000 can produce a minimum stable SPL of 106 dB in the frequency range 100 Hz to 8 kHz at a distance of 2 5mm from the lip ring, and it can perform within the maximum continuous power consumption of 10 W. The AM3000 will be delivered with a calibration chart, which is giving the frequency response measured at MRP position, and we can also provide the frequency response with equalization in compressor loop.

Continuous output Level:
Min. SPL of 106dB at 1V (0.25W), 25mm from lip ring,200Hz - 8KHz.
At 94dB SPL, 25mm from lip ring
200 Hz-10 kHz :                  Less than 2%, typically less than 1%
Max. Power                       10 w
Impedance                                    4 ohms
Diameter                                88 mm (4inch)
Environmental Calibration Conditions:
Temperature:                    25±5?
Relative humidity:                60±15%
Barometric pressure:             100±5 Pa
Mouth opening       
Diameter                                       20 mm
Lip ling:
Position:                           10 mm from the mouthpiece
Out diameter:                       47.5 mm
Diameter*height                      104 mm*104 mm
Weight                                          2.2 Kg 

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