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Nor1008 NorTap

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Nor1008 NorTap
Application software for reading and calculating noise levels from sanitary equipment as specified in ISO 3822 standard.
• Sound level spectra, both octave and 1/3 octave levels, from the standard armature and the device under test are measured.
• The number of measurement points are freely selectable. All the results can be energy-averaged
• The measurment time for each measurement point is freely selectable.
• A correction table (e.g. filter or microphone corrections) can be added to the measured results.
• Level versus time measurements facilliate measurements of special noise problems when the water flow is opened or closed.
• All measurements are controllled from the program. The program controls the analyser directly.
• Graphical and numerical result presentation on screen and on paper.
• Calculations are performed within seconds. This saves you valuable time.

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