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Nor1207 / Nor1228 ½ inch ICP® microphone and preamplifier set

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Nor1207 ½ inch ICP® microphone and 1/2"preamplifier 

The Nor1207 is a low cost, general-purpose ICP®-preamplifier for 1/2” working standard prepolarized condenser microphones, designed for the most demanding use. It features a new design technology that increases the dynamic range to a value normally featured by traditional powered preamplifiers only. It is the first pattern evaluated ICP® preamplifier on the market, ensuring a high quality of the measurement in every environmental condition as specified in the class 1 requirements given in IEC-61672.

Nor1207 apply a male TNC-connector for connection to cable or instrument, while Nor1207/BNC comes with a BNC female connector.

Technical specification

(Data given with 3mA supply current)
The preamplifier has to be supplied by a constant current in the range 3 – 20 mA. The output voltage will be a fixed DC (about 10 volt) plus the AC-coupled input voltage. Output AC-voltage swing is minimum +/-5 volt if not limited by the voltage for the current source.

Dynamic range:> 120dB
Input impedance:20 Gohm, 2,5 pF (typical) for Nor1207/BNC 20 Gohm, 18 pF (typical) for Nor1207
Frequency response ± 0,1 dB:(10 Hz – 20 kHz)
Typical attenuation with microphone Nor1228 (18pF) due to capacitive loading:1 dB for  Nor1207/BNC and 6 dB for Nor1207
No signal DC out:10 ± 2 volt
Output impedance:35 ohm typical
Length incl. microphone Nor1228:96 mm
Diameter:Nor1207/BNC: 14,5 mm
Nor1207: 16 mm
Weight incl. microphone Nor1228:50 g
Power consumption:30 mW (dependent on supplied current)
EMC classification:As for sound level meter Nor131
Temperature for specified operation:-10°C to +50°C
Temperature for storing:-30°C to +70°C
Humidity for storing and operation: 0 – 90% RH
Microphone heating:

Self noise:
Typical equivalent noise (level with a microphone with sensitivity 50mV/Pa and 18pF capacitance re. 20 µPa, e.g. Nor1228): 2 µV  A-weighted (12 dB, Max 15 dB); 2,2 µV C-weighted (13 dB).

Max length of cable (100pF/m) with a microphone with sensitivity 50mV/Pa and 18pF capacitance (E.g. Nor1228):Below 137 dB  (re. 20 µPa): 30 m
Below 130 dB: 100 m
Below 120 dB  (re. 20 µPa): 300 m
Connector type:Two versions available. Nor1207 with TNC connector and Nor1207/BNC with BNC jack.

ICP® is a registred trademark of PCB Piezotronics

No extra heating available

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