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Nor1253 Class 0 calibration Norsonic
Nor1253 Class 0 calibration Norsonic

Nor1253 Class type 0 & 1 sound calibrator

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The “Electronic Pistonphone”

Nor1253 - “Class 0” sound calibrator – the electronic pistonphone

Nor1253 was designed to comply with the class 0 requirement in the international standard for sound calibrators IEC 60942 (1997). The standard is now been replaced by a new version (2003) without this class of performance.

The calibrator is widely used as a replacement for a pistonphone - without the need for correction for the barometric pressure.

Being a class L calibrator (“Laboratory standard” – previous class 0) the Nor1253 is often referred to as the “electronic pistonphone” since it maintains an accuracy normally associated with a pistonphone without the need for a barometer to make corrections for variations in the ambient pressure.

  • Automatically adjusts for changes in the load volume applied to the calibration cavity thereby removing the need for the manual correction of the level for the effective volume of different types of microphone.
  • Compensates for changes in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure to remove the need for manual corrections for these parameters.
  • Output level 124 ± 0.15 dB @ 250 Hz ± 0.2 %.
  • Other frequency and other output level can be supplied as factory preset settings.
  • Meets the requirements of IEC 60942 class 1.
  • Automatically switches off when the microphone is removed from the calibration cavity.
  • Accepts 1”, ½” and ¼” cartridges by means of adaptors.
  • Powered by a standard 9 volt battery.
  • Dimensions 40 × 109.5 mm.
  • Weight 185 g including battery.
  • Accreditated calibrated.

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