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Norsonic Real Time Analyser
Nor121 Real Time Analyser

Norsonic Real Time Analyser

Part Number:Nor121
Features of the Norsonic Real Time Analyser (Nor121)
• Specifically designed for environmental noise assessments and building acoustics
• Records the sound signal itself
• Stand-alone building acoustics mode - no PC needed
• Pure tone detection mode
• Parallel measurement reports with six levels of nesting each having individual time settings plus profile and event based data
• Real time frequency analysis (0.1-20 000 Hz) in octave and third octave bands with the results as instantaneous, Leq or percentile spectra
• Measures all time constants and the A, C and Linear weightings simultaneously High dynamic range - optional 120dB dynamic range
• Full size graphics display with backlight
• Internal hard disk and standard PC card for the storage of data
• Results can be exported via the PC slot, RS-232 serial or the Centronics parallel ports
• Advanced trigger functions
• Comprehensive marker functions with user selectable data labels
• Powered by long life rechargeable batteries or from external 11-18 V supply
• Internal oscillator to support automatic calibration of Norsonic weather protected microphone systems
• Accepts weather data from approved meteorological stations and integrates the results into the measurement files
• Allows the measurement in broadband and frequency domain of structural vibration levels
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