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Norsonic preamplifier

Norsonic preamplifier

Part Number:Nor1201
- High input impedance
- Broad frequency response
- Low noise
- Low output impedance for driving long microphones cable without any loss in performance.
- High dynamic range
A general-purpose half-inch preamplifier suitable for most applications. Its high input impedance ensures a broad frequency response and the output stage is especially designed to drive long cables with full frequency range, even at high sound pressure levels. It has a low self-noise level and is fitted with an electrical heating system for use in conditions where condensation may cause a problem. The Nor1201 has an integral LEMO style connector and there is a range of standard extension cables available including flat tape types to pass under doors etc. It has an M3 thread hole in the preamplifier body, allowing easy mounting of the preamplifier for various measurement applications.
Frequency range: 1Hz to 1MHz ±0.5dB
Input impedance: 20 Gohms, 0.2pF
Output impedance: 55 ohms @ 1kHz, CS: 20pF
Noise, A-weighted, CS 20pF: <2.2µV
Noise linear, CS 20pF: <5.7µV
Gain, typical: -0.15dB
Temperature, operation: -40 to +60-C
Temperature, storage: -40 to +85-C
Humidity, operation and storage: 0 to 95% RH
Current consumption (120V or ±60V): 2.3 mA
Current consumption (28V or ±15V): 0.9 mA
Heater impedance: 225 ohms
Heater voltage: 0-15V
Dimensions: Length 127mm;
diameter 12.7mm, weight 58g
CE classification, EMC: EN50081-1, EN50082-1
CE classification, safety: EN61010-1, 1993
portable equipment pollution category 2

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