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Occupational noise mapping software, SoundPLANmanda, by SoundPLAN, OSHA, NoiseAtWork, Noise At Work

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Occupational noise exposure: new mapping and analysis software SoundPLANmanda

SoundPLANmanda software is the new mapping and analysis tool specifically designed for the assessment of occupational noise. Noise At Work noise mapping software.

Based on measurement data, the sound pressure level distribution across an area is instantly displayed as a color-coded map with contour lines throughout the mapping area. For this purpose, SoundPLANmanda uses particularly fast interpolation algorithms. The measurement data can either be entered manually or conveniently imported. Within the mapping area, workplaces and workers for which/whom a risk assessment is to be carried out, are then defined. SoundPLANmanda evaluates the respective sound pressure level at the workplace as well as the individual duration of stay. If necessary, measures are suggested, such as the use of hearing protection.

In addition to the mapping and analysis of noise, other areas of application are also possible, such as the mapping of temperature, CO2 or similar.

The program  SoundPLANmanda is easy to use

The use of SoundPLANmanda is clearly structured and intuitive. Even in demanding situations, no one will lose the overview. Within one project, it`s possible to manage several mapping areas and several measurement series, which can be combined as needed. For example, different floors or days of the week can be analyzed and level changes can be displayed. 

International occupational health and safety regulations

Calculations and assessments in SoundPLANmanda are based on international and country-specific occupational health and safety regulations. These include the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and the European Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Framework Directive 89/391/EEC. In addition, user-defined limits can also be used.

Clear documentation for every workplace

The results of the software are documented in a well-structured report with all the necessary information and assessments. Optionally, you can pick out individual calculation results or summarize the risk assessment for several workers in one document. All results are displayed in user-friendly map layouts that can be customized with multiple options to suit the user's requirements. This makes the process as simple as possible.

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