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PDA/DLT system

PDA/DLT system

Part Number:PDA.30100
The Profound Pile Driving Analysis and Dynamic Load Testing system (PDA/DLT) is a complete package which makes it possible to carry out PDA or DLT tests. It has been designed for the harsh construction site environment.
The PDA/DLT system
• reduces the risk of damage to the superstructure caused by failure of the foundation.
• is compact, reliable water-resistant, combined acceleration/strain transducers.
• analyzes and monitors the performance of the hammer, the condition of the cushion, the behavior of the pile, and the driving resistance of the soil can be analyzed and monitored (PDA).
• is a quick method to evaluate the bearing capacity of a pile for loads similar to the design load. It can be used for prefabricated piles, cast-in-place concrete piles and all types of steel piles. DLT is considerably faster than static tests, and at a fraction of the cost (DLT).
• provides information about the shaft friction, toe resistance and possible pile defects.
• presents the results after the generated compression wave travels down the pile and reflects upwards. This contains information about the shaft friction, toe resistance and possible pile defects.
• package consists of a PDA-USB signal conditioner, a 4 channel junction box with a 50m cable reel, Windows PC software for data acquisition and reporting, 2 sets of combined strain and acceleration sensors and a set of mounting accessories (more informatie below).
• fully complies with ASTM D4945-12.
PDA/DLT system* consisting of:
1x PDA-USB conditioner
2x USB cable
1x 4-channel junction box including 50m cable reel
2x Combined set of a strain/acceleration sensor including calibration certificates
CD's and HASP USB key with:
1x Single license PDA/DLT signal acquisition software
1x Single license PDPWAVE equation software
1x Software drivers
1x Case with the required mounting tools and with a set of mounting accessories
1x Manual
1x Cleaning set for connector gauges
* Windows based Field Notebook is not included and can be purchased locally. Minimum system requirements: Windows OS XP/Vista or WIN7, minimum vertical display resolution 768 pixels, 3 available USB ports and CD-ROM drive (only during installation).
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