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Impedance Tube SW422 SW477
Impedance Tube SW422 SW477

PLACID Impedance Tubes, sound absorption and transmission loss, PI8810, ISO10543, ASTM E1050

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Part Number:PLACID PI8810
Kundt's tube, Impedance Tube, acoustic material testing PI series Impedance Tubes can accurately measure sound absorption coefficients, transmission loss and impedance according to standards described in ISO10534-2 (1998). 

The impedance tubes are based on the Transfer Function Method, which is much faster than the commonly used Standing Wave Ratio Method. The PI series Impedance Tubes are specially designed not only to work with the cut samples but also for direct use in the field. The small size and durable aluminium construction make it easy to transport and be used for estimating the properties of walls, ceilings, installed building materials, road surfaces, different ground surfaces, interiors of vehicles, etc. BSWA offers the complete set of Impedance Tube system, which includes: the tubes, microphones; DAQ hardware and measurement software.

PI8810 PLACID Impedance tubes measure Sound Absorption coefficient and Transmission loss complying with GB, ISO and ASTM standards in the frequency range of 50 - 6300 Hz.

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