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Profound VIBRA series Vibration Monitoring

Part Number:VIB.00100/VIB.00110/VIB.00120/VIB.00130
The Profound VIBRA system is used as a vibration monitoring system. By recording the vibrations you can assess the risk of damage to buildings and sensitive equipment as well as the nuisance to people in an objective manner in accordance with the applicable guidelines.
• The VIBRA system is robust, lightweight, portable battery-operated and provides a fully continuous and automatic registration of the vibration peak values up to a month.
• The VIBRA system accurately monitors vibrations caused by traffic, pile driving or demolition work.
• The VIBRA system measures and records both the maximum vibration levels and frequencies in x-, y- and z-direction.
• The VIBRA system displays the current vibration values of the 3 directions including frequency, the maxima, besides date, time, remaining battery capacity, available memory.
• Data can be uploaded through attaching the VIBRA system to a PC or laptop via an USB connection.
• The VIBRA system is easily portable and battery-operated which allows for up to 4 weeks of unmanned and continuous operation.
• The VIBRA system is of national and international standards, such as the SBR2002, the DIN 4150 and the DIN 45669.
• It can be left unattended to operate continuously for weeks.
• It has a robust aluminum casing, equipped with plastic top and bottom housing the antenna and batteries, is IP65 watertight.
• There are four models in the series: VIBRA, VIBRA-sbr, VIBRA-sbr+ and VIBRA+.
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