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RST1000--Measurement Microphone

RST1000--Measurement Microphone

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The RST1000 is a 1/4 inch precision, free-field microphone designed for the rigorous environment of production line and open acoustic field measurements. It is a prepolarized condenser microphone with a special metal diaphragm designed to accommodate high humidity and temperature conditions, which often found in many production environments. A special production process and the clean room can guarantee a steady and reliable performance of the microphone.
RST1000 condenser microphone is a low-sensitivity for a wide useful frequency range reaching up to 60 kHz and a large dynamic range topping at around 150dBspl

RST1000 free-field Microphone also includes 1/4-inch CCP Preamplifier with a SMB connector, you can also use the 1/2-inch Preamplifier with a special adaptor

Cartridge Type:                     Prepolarized condenser element and metal diaphragm
Directional characteristic:        Omni-directional
Frequency Response:              
Nominal Sensitivity:                4mv/Pa, -48dB±3dB re 1V/Pa
Polarization Voltage:               0V
Dynamic Range:                    150dB with the total harmonic distortion less than 3%
Max. Sound Pressure Level:    156dB
Outside Diameter:                  6.9mm with protection grid
Length:                                8.5mm with preamplifier and cable connector
Accessories:                          extension cable
Relative Humidity:                10% to 90%
Temperature:                      -30℃ to +90℃

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