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RST3000--Microphone Power Supply and Power Amplifier

RST3000--Microphone Power Supply and Power Amplifier

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Part Number:RStech RST3000
RST3000--Microphone Power Supply and Power Amplifier

RST3000 provides three microphone input channels, one Lemo and two BNC, with adjustable gain and one power amplifier for speaker and receiver test. LEMO connector supplies power and 200V polarization voltage for microphones and preamplifiers. One BNC connector supplies constant current for CCP microphones, such as RST4000. Another BNC connector supplies bias voltage for DUT condenser microphone, typically 2V via 2.2k ohm resistor. The power amplifier has 0dB,6dB voltage gains and the connectors are XLR type 3-pin female for input and Neutrik Speakon 4-pin socket for output. The compact integration of Microphone Power Supply and Power Amplifier satisfy most electroacoustic testing requirement.

The microphone channels has 0dB, 20dB and 40dB adjustable gain, user can adjust/select from front panel. The microphone signal amplifier ensures good linearity with minimum noise and distortion. It also contains a reference resistor 0.33 ohm for speaker/receiver impedance measurement. (Notice, the output signal for impedance measurement is amplified 10 times internally). 
There are three special ports on the rear panel, “TO PC” is connected to PC for reading DUT current , “SPI” is used for service purpose only, “TO LED” is a 25-pin D-type connector, the individual pin presents DUT individual sensitivity range and can be connected to e.g. LED to display.
RST3000 comes in a rugged whole metal enclosure, the operating temperature range extends form -10 to 50℃.

The microphone supply power specifications
Input Channels:                       BNC and Lemo socket
Output Channels:                     BNC socket
Input impedance:                     >100kΩ
Output impedance:                   27Ω
Frequency response:                1Hz-50kHz
Polarization voltage:                 200V
Microphone amplifier gain:        0dB, 20dB, 40dB
Supply Voltage for Condenser Microphone: 1V~10V
The power amplifier specifications
Input Channels:                        XLR 3-pin female
Output Channels:                     Neutrik Speakon 4-pin Socket
Input impedance:                     5k ohms
Output impedance:                   0.25 ohms
Power amplifier gain:                6dB
Total Harmonic Distortion:         <0.02%
Frequency response:                20Hz-250kHz
Output maximum voltage:        13 V (1K SIN, 0dB)
26V (1K SIN, 6dB)
Output Maximum Power:          30w
AC Power:                              240/110 V (50Hz)
Impedance box
Reference Resistor:                  0.33 ohms
Length*Height*Width:             428*88*252mm
Weight:                                   6.2 kg

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