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SIT handheld Static Integration Test for piling

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Part Number:SIT.20800
The Profound accelerometer for the SIT-series has been custom-designed for high-performance sonic integrity testing of installed foundation piles.
The advanced design of the accelerometer in combination with the carefully selected combination with the carefully selected components resulted in an ergonomic, lightweight and high-end sensitive accelerometer with high linearity and repeatability. The lightweight sensor registers exceptionally well the response to the hammer blow.
Due to this combination users can perform measurements efficiently, as the high-quality sensor can be placed fast and very accurately on the pile head. Thus the system generates high-quality reflectograms, providing users with accurate information about the pile shaft and possible defects.
The SIT-accelerometer has an electronic datasheet, which also includes the serial number. Therefore, the source of measurement data can always traced.
The SIT-accelerometer in combination with the SIT system provides hight signal stability and extremely low noise level. Thus capable to detect even smaller defect in piles.
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