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Part Number:CS18 MF
Calibration System - Medium-Frequency 

  • Secondary calibration according to ISO 16063-21 (comparison method) of charge type, IEPE, voltage, capacitive and piezo-resistive sensors for acceleration, velocity and displacement, with Sine excitation with high accuracy 
  • Secondary calibration of reference standards  
  • Resonant frequency search up to 20 kHz 
  • Calibration of vibration meters 
  • Calibration of vibration calibrators  
Range of Use 
  • Certified calibration laboratories 
  • Departments for the supervision of measuring instruments (automotive, aviation, space, military) 
  • Quality assurance in sensor production 


CS18 MF with vibration exciter SE-10 

in the frequency range 3 Hz ... 10 kHz for sensors with mass to max. 500 gram (DUT) for environmental conditions: temperature 23°C /  73 °F (± 2°C) and relative humidity 30 % ... 75 % 

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