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SPEKTRA - SE-10 Vibration Exciter

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SE-10 Vibration Exciter 


The vibration exciter SE-10 with a flexural guidance system is a high-tech product that is a reliable tool for vibration testing in research and development as well as for daily use in calibration laboratories. A force rating of 100 N and the high acceleration amplitudes of up to 60 gn allow for a wide range of applications in vibration tests. The rugged design, light armature and well-aligned guidance system (with low transverse motions, high radial and low axial stiffness) make the SE-10 a very good choice for the excitation of structures in modal testing. Users of the SE-10 in calibration laboratories appreciate the faster calibration cycle times with low measurement uncertainties in the frequency range of 3 Hz to 10 kHz - made possible by the optional internal reference standard accelerometer.


  • Vibration testing in research and development 
  • Modal analysis / Excitation of structures  
  • Calibration of vibration sensors, motion transducers and calibrators  
  • Quality Assurance in sensor manufacturing 
  • Educational demonstrations 


  • Light-weight aluminum armature with rugged stainless steel table surface 
  • Efficient electro-dynamic drive 
  • Guidance system with low transverse motions (according to ISO 16063-21) 
  • Force Rating 100 N 
  • Usable Frequency Range DC up to 10 kHz 
  • High first axial Resonance Frequency (> 12 kHz) 
  • High acceleration amplitudes (up to 60 gn) 
  • Effective displacement 10 mm (0.39 in pk-pk)

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