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Seismograph Blastmonitoring V9000
Seismograph Blastmonitoring V9000

Seismograph - Blastmonitoring V9000, Vibrock

Part Number:V9000

Seismograph - Blastmonitoring by Vibrock

The V9000 Seismograph a new data logging Seismograph which is available as a single channel, twin channel PPV and as a twin channel PPV & VDV machine.

The V9000 Seismograph has a 5” LCD with data and graphical representation, and is powered by four ‘D’ cell batteries which last up to forty days when using the seven day timer function. The V9000 Seismograph can also be powered by an external 12 volt battery or an external mains supply.

The built in modem (option) uses the internet to allow the user to remotely download data, watch the Seismograph monitor in real time, change the set up and access the multiple text alert functions.

The V9000 Seismograph stores data for all three axes, plots continuous graphs, peak graphs and resultant waveforms, as well as dominant frequency plots in trigger mode. The graphs can be printed, exported to excel and saved as PDF files.

The V9000 Seismograph has a flash memory, which means that no vibration results in its memory are lost if the power is removed from the unit. When the Seismograph detects the batteries are almost flat, it stops monitoring to save the current event data, and then powers down (the modem option allows the unit to also send a text message alerting the operator of the battery status).

There are three modes for monitoring ground borne vibrations. They are blasting (or trigger) mode and Piling (or continuous) mode. Blasting mode stores data to 1/100th of a second for each axis. Piling mode stores the maximum peak value data for each of the 3 axis at 5 second intervals. The third mode (or custom mode) allows the operator to change many parameters such as the data update interval, data storage interval and select the VDV mode of monitoring.

Download Seismograph datasheet

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