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Nor848 Hextile acoustic camera
Nor848 Hextile acoustic camera

Sonocat, 3D Sound Intenaity, in situ sound absorption

Part Number:Sonocat

Sound pressure level measurements

The Sonocat is a multifunctional spherical microphone able to measure Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) in stationary sound fields.
Of course, there are some limitations in level in order to preserve the MEMs microphones (and the ears of the operator!), but three common types of frequency weighting are provided to adjust the level according to the situation :

– A-weighting: Frequency weighting based on the relative loudness perceived by the human ear at a sound loudness level of 40 phon.

– C-weighting: Frequency weighting that is more appropriate for higher loudness levels.

– Z-weighting: Frequency weighting at an equal level (0 dB) for all frequency bands (i.e. no frequency weighting).
The overall Sound Pressure Level is computed according to the IEC-61672-1 standard.

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