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Spotnoise noise monitoring station, Class 1, offline, online.

Part Number:SP008A

Noise Monitoring Terminal with Cloud Access SP008A (offline version also available for system integrators)

The very affordable and reliable calibrated noise monitoring solution for residence, industrial zones, construction sites, city wide noise monitoring etc.

The Spot Noise Residential is waterproof (IP67) so it can be placed anywhere in or around your house, residence, factory, entertainment venue, etc.

You can set triggers for alarms (sound level) and even automatically start recordings that you can listen later. Online access to real-time noise measurement values. You can check Lmin (minimum noise level), Lmax (maximum noise level), SPL (current sound level in dB(A)) and the average sound level (Leq).

Once the set sound levels have exceeded a trigger will notify you by a notification email, an SMS, message in Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. Entry-level noise monitoring with an individual sound calibration certificate so you know the measured values are correct

Main features

  • Comply with IEC61672-1 Accuracy Class1
  • Measurement parameter Spl, Leq, Ln statistics (L1, L5 ,L50 ,L90 ,L95), Lmax
  • 1/3rd Octave band frequency analysis
  • Online and optional offline data visualization
  • Mobile friendly
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Wi-Fi and LAN available
  • Power : 2 options either 5V or 7-12V
  • Automatic standardized report sending
  • Optional : relay output for external sensor
  • Optional : 4G Communication

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