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Vibration / Blast monitor  by Thomas  VMS-2000
VMS-2000 blast monitoring

Vibration / Blast monitor by Thomas VMS-2000

Part Number:VMS2000
For blast monitoring (mining), a blast monitoring seismograph. The VMS-2000 series is a complete set, so you don't need anything more to get started.
- Computer or Field Programmable
- Low Cost and Versatile
- Highly Reliable
- Microphone with full height stand
- Fast Recycle Time
- Internal Time and Date
- Low Power Consumption
- Trigger Mode Operation
- External Geophones
- Free Seisware Analysis Software
- Standard 9-pin RS-232 serial port.
- Easy to use 4-key switch pad
- 100 Full Waveform storage
- Store and view last 96 summary events
- mining, offshore drilling, blasting

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