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Vibrosound Analyser CM3

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Part Number:Vibrosound Analyser CM3
The Vibrosound Analyser CM3 is the most simple and reliable way to monitor your site for compliance with noise and vibration legislation. Available in simultaneous Vibration & Type 1 Noise Leq monitoring or Vibration/Noise only, with option for wind speed and direction. The CM3 is fast, accurate and efficient, with tabulation of results down to 5 minute intervals and direct exporting to Excel of graphs and reports. It provides automatic unattended monitoring & data downloads, and remote monitoring via modem with SMS alerts and multiple event storage. Live values and previous results can be viewed via the display and downloaded with Windows software. All instruments meet or exceed the relevant standards, including BS6472 & BS5228. The unit also gives 5 minute values to comply with BS4142 (noise). Each unit also ensures compliance with the regulatory bodies' project limits.

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