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Wireless vibration data logger monitoring
Wireless vibration data logger monitoring

Wireless Vibration Meter Data Logger | VSEW mk2 – Convergence, online Vibration monitoring

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Product Description

The Wireless Vibration Meter Data Logger – VSEW_mk2 – 8g is a new model in the VSE series of smart vibration data loggers. 

It can record accelerations, vibrations, velocities, and inclinations. It includes a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, an accurate date/time clock, and a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory. 

Depending on the settings it can record acceleration or velocity signals and/or RMS levels for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to or embedded within, the monitored equipment.

The Wireless Vibration Meter Data Logger – VSEW_mk2 – 8g model is an evolution of the Vibration Sentry E model.

The VSEW_mk2 has the following new features:

  • Can measure, record, and trigger on velocity signals, in addition to acceleration signals.
  • Has WiFi reporting and email alarms.
  • Includes an accelerometer with exceptional noise floor (20 times better noise floor than the Vibration Sentry E – 16g).
  • Sampling rates up to 4 kHz.
  • Improved anti-aliasing filter.

The VSEW_mk2 vibration meter data logger is ideal to monitor very low vibration levels, such as ground tremors and floor vibrations.

VSEW_mk2 Applications

  • Building-health monitoring on construction sites.
  • Long-term seismic monitoring.
  • Long-term inclination monitoring.
  • Long-term measurement and recording of acceleration signals, velocity signals, signal statistics (peaks and average) and RMS levels.
  • Continuous monitoring of machinery wear.
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